Welcome to my blog! My most recent photography projects and favorite images appear in here throughout the month. Enjoy!

Senior Graduation Photo Session

April 25, 2018
I had hoped to find some more graduating seniors to document and I lucked out with this young man. Word-of-Mouth is my favorite way to receive new clients. It means the world to me to be referred by old colleagues, current clients, friends. His mom and I had worked for the same company, and I was so excited when she reached out needing photos for h...
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Springtime Desert Silver Photo Session

April 18, 2018
I can be kind of chatty, and sometimes my work comes up. Last summer I met this wonderful family at our community swimming pool. They had their older son at the time, and were expecting their second child early this year. Bonus, they are neighbors! I was thrilled when they contacted me wanting to document the arrival of their second son. We discuss...
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Spring Maternity and 3-Year Session

April 11, 2018
I adore this family! We've been working together since they were pregnant with their daughter. She's three now, and about to become a big sister. We set up time to have some family maternity portraits and then a propped and styled 3-year-old birthday photo session. Here are some of my favorite moments!
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BFF One Year Session

April 04, 2018
One of my favorite things about being a photographer is watching children grow each year. I had two clients return when their sons were about to turn one year old. We met at one of my favorite parks and had an afternoon session with the boys. Here are some of my favorite moments from that session!
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Happy Easter and April Fools

April 01, 2018
Two holidays on one day. I know I'll get a trick played on me at some point. Will I know when it's happening? Probably not. One year my husband left a note on my new car saying it had been scratched and they couldn't wait around to talk to me about it. He kept a straight face while I freaked out and walked around the car several times becoming more...
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Easter Prep 2018

March 31, 2018
With Easter quickly approaching, the kids have been preparing for the Easter Bunny to make his appearance. This morning, after breakfast, the kids learned how to decorate eggs. Our daughter is the pro, and helped guide her brother through the process. He enjoyed tossing the eggs into the dye and eventually knocked one over. Oops! Documentary, day i...
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10 Fish, 5 Dogs, 1 Cat and 2 Kiddos

March 16, 2018
I mean it when I welcome pets in all of my sessions. Pets are 100% part of the family and I love when my clients include them in their photo sessions. This family was a dream to work with. My assistant, Julia, and I spent a few hours capturing stills and video at their home on a beautiful winter afternoon. The Gold Session is one of my biggest phot...
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Silver Session at Scottsdale Civic Center

March 09, 2018
Of all the years I have been taking photos, this is the first time I had a session at the Scottsdale Civic Center in the East Valley. My cousins welcomed a new baby into their family and he is muy guapo! I love when families are a little adventurous and step outside to try a few photos. We met on a gloriously cloudy day and found a few spots to tak...
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Guitars for Vets Live Concert

March 05, 2018
Event photography is one of my favorite subjects to work with. You never know what is going to happen, you have to think quickly, and moments unfold at a rapid pace, giving you a treat when you sit down to cull and edit your captures. I had the pleasure of working with Guitars for Vets (http://www.guitars4vets.org/), the Phoenix Chapter. They were...
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Arizona Desert Mini Photo Session

February 28, 2018
When you have a family, you want to do your best to capture everyday moments and most of the time we do that with our cell phones. Maybe you want to have a little more polished look, so that's when you turn to a professional photographer. This year I began offering a mini photo session for families who are interested in a quick, local photo session...
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Arizona Winter Desert Portraits

February 17, 2018
I am a child of the desert and although I love trees and green and more than 2 seasons, I love Arizona, PHX in particular. The skies in January and February were stunning and my kids were willing to prance around while I captured photos of them playing. Even Papa got in on the photo sessions. Here are a few favorite moments I photographed. Let's ad...
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New Year Newborn Session

February 01, 2018
A new year and new babies! I knew 3 families having babies on the same day in January! How often does that happen? Not too often. Two of these families reached out to have Newborn photos taken and I was happy to gear up and head to their homes. Here is the first of two posts. My muse family! I adore this family! They have been with me since the be...
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2 Year Old Desert Session

January 20, 2018
As a photographer, it is important for me to document milestones in the lives of my children. Our son turned 2 and he's rambunctious as ever. Climbing, jumping, conquering, charging directly toward rattlesnakes as his mother looks on in horror... nothing is off limits for this little guy. (I grabbed him before he got within 10 feet of the snake, BT...
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Restaurant Staff Portraits

December 31, 2017
Being a freelance photographer brings me new and exciting projects each month. I had the opportunity to work with the staff at Pasta Brioni in Scottsdale, Arizona for their menu and staff portrait update. We had about 2 hours to create photos for the team to use in their 2018 materials. Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were greeted with the scen...
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Flashes of Hope

December 05, 2017
I recently had an opportunity to work with Flashes of Hope. Through donations, Flashes of Hope teams up with professional photographers around the country and asks them to donate their time and skills to create beautiful keepsake prints for families enduring a cancer diagnosis. I met with some delightful, upbeat, energetic kids and their families a...
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