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Summertime Silver Family Session

August 06, 2018
Referrals are my absolute favorite way to meet new clients. It means a lot when my clients are satisfied with their collections and put in a good word with their friends and colleagues for me. This wonderful family needed new photos now that they have a sweet baby daughter. We met for a morning in July to capture some moments inside, and outside! I...
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Family Adventures in the Forest

July 30, 2018
For Memorial Day we planned to go camping, however, our hopes were dashed when the fire restrictions were put into place. It was understandable considering how dry it has been. There's a huge risk of forest fires and that's the last thing our beautiful, great-wide west needs. We took a drive and found a few of our favorite Prescott National Forest...
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5 Years Old

July 22, 2018
Our daughter turned 5. Kindergarten, riding bikes, seeking adventure, making friends. She's a wild one and honestly, the time has flown by. It's cliche to say it goes by fast, but it's certainly a truth. My memories are filled with the time before she came into the world, sitting in the almost-done nursery and waiting, wondering, praying. Imagining...
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Soccer Time

July 12, 2018
Our daughter gave soccer a try this spring, and the organization we went through didn't have a photographer for the team photos. I threw my hat in the ring and did a few portraits of our tough girl and her fearless teammates. Many thanks to the NYS Black Panthers and our wonderful coaches and families for giving the kids a positive sports experien...
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One-Year Photo Session

July 11, 2018
I was thrilled to take the one-year portraits for a dear friend. This sweet girl entered the world one year ago, and she was all smiles for her session. Thank you for inviting me into your home to document this adorable little girl!
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Road Trip to Legoland with Small Children

July 07, 2018
Adventures on the Road If you have children under the age of 10, or who are 10 and older and love Legos, I will be quick to tell you to make the 5 to 6 hour drive to Carlsbad, California to visit Legoland. Our kids had one of the best times, and it is definitely the most family-friendly location we have visited thus far. Our son was free because...
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In(dependence) Day Desert Campout

July 04, 2018
I have mixed feelings about the 4th of July this year. When I was a kid, it was my favorite holiday, especially since my birthday followed two weeks after, and what kid doesn't love fireworks, swimming, ice cream, watermelon, hot dogs, chips, more swimming, sparklers, etc. As I grew, and learned, I still enjoyed it, but wasn't as into it as I used...
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Exploring Northern Idaho

June 24, 2018
When an opportunity presented itself to travel to Idaho with my family, and extended family, we took a chance. The airfare was reasonable, and we'd all split a rental house and cooking responsibilities. One week in Wallace was exactly what my family needed to unwind and reconnect. From hiking, to mine tours, to ziplines, to mountain bike rides, Wal...
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Traveling With Kids: Riverfront

June 22, 2018
This is beautiful country. Simply amazing, greener than anything I've ever seen, peaceful, scenic. Ahhh... I love being in the woods. Add a river and I have something close to nirvana. My dad's best friend since high school showed us a wonderful time at his riverside property in the mountains of Idaho. We spent a few hours where the kids were free...
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Traveling With Kids: Mining History

June 16, 2018
Much of the West was built upon mining. Idaho isn't much different from Arizona with the exception to the minerals mined. My grandfather was a miner, and even my dad spent a year in the mines. We took the Sierra Silver Mine Tour in Wallace with the kids. I thought they would be scared of the loud sounds, and cave-like environment, but they loved it...
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Traveling with Kids: Hiking

June 09, 2018
While in Idaho we took time to explore the Pulaski Trail, which begins in Wallace. There was a restroom and information at the trailhead, which was quite helpful being that we had our kids (4 and 2) in tow. The beginning of the trail is even suitable for people who have a wheelchair or walker. The weather was overcast, and cool, so we dressed accor...
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Traveling With Kids: Idaho Edition

June 02, 2018
We have never flown with both kids, and our daughter flew one time when she was only 16 months old. Our son is a wild card, so I wasn't sure how he'd take to a new environment. Taking photographs to document our adventures is one way I create keepsakes to remember them by. Overall they did great. Well, our daughter did great... she's a natural trav...
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Baby Boy Newborn Session

May 12, 2018
After much anticipation, their baby boy arrived safe and sound. Here are my favorite moments from his Newborn Photo Session. I love these 4! Beauty in every frame!
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Senior Graduation Photo Session

April 25, 2018
I had hoped to find some more graduating seniors to document and I lucked out with this young man. Word-of-Mouth is my favorite way to receive new clients. It means the world to me to be referred by old colleagues, current clients, friends. His mom and I had worked for the same company, and I was so excited when she reached out needing photos for h...
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Springtime Desert Silver Photo Session

April 18, 2018
I can be kind of chatty, and sometimes my work comes up. Last summer I met this wonderful family at our community swimming pool. They had their older son at the time, and were expecting their second child early this year. Bonus, they are neighbors! I was thrilled when they contacted me wanting to document the arrival of their second son. We discuss...
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