More Family, More Fun

November 04, 2017
I have to admit, when this family contacts me saying they are ready to schedule their session, I am so excited! The entire session is filled with lauguhs, they always bring props, and have a theme. Everyone is laid back, and there to have a fun time while making their collection. Much love to you Monzingos!!
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Motorcycle Restoriation Project

October 09, 2017
My husband works in an office by day, but in his free time he is a motorcycle mechanic. In the past few years he has fixed up his dirt bikes and maintained our vehicles. Two years ago he purchased a Honda CX500 that had sat outside in a yard for 25 years. It was rusted, faded, didn't run, and resembled a hunk of scrap metal. Two years and lots of...
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Birthday Camping With Kids 4.0

July 24, 2017
Enter our 4th camping trip with kids for our daughter's 4th birthday. Experiencing the outdoors and nature is an important part of our family’s culture. My husband and I grew up camping, relishing fond memories of campfires, hikes, and exploring areas less traveled. The kids will have a birthday party every other year, so for M, this was an off yea...
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4 Years

July 22, 2017
Happy birthday to my first baby, my little firecracker of a daughter. I love your strength, your confidence, your crazy sayings, your wild imagination, your determination... may you never lose it. You are beginning to discover things about the world and I am not quite sure how I can protect you, but I am realizing more and more it is our responsibi...
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Pet Parent Session

July 14, 2017
I was over the moon excited when one of my favorite canine models' mom contacted me for a family session. It took a few weeks of overcoming illness and less than ideal weather, but we finally made it! I loved the open-mindedness of this family and incorporated some of my props I typically use for babies and young kids. The blend ended up being a gr...
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Rad Like Dad

June 18, 2017
For Father's Day I'd like to present a collection of dads from this year's photo sessions. As a bonus, there are a few photos of the kids with their dad, my dear husband. Here's to the fathers who take the role of "dad" seriously and brighten up each day of their children's lives. Dads are there to help first borns transition into big brothers...
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Toddler Style: Confident in Crimson

June 03, 2017
My kids are fortunate to be surrounded with love, and friends and family who clothe them well. For International Women's Day I was inspired by a red, knitted dress by Baby Gap. A good friend thought the outfit would suit M well. Indeed it did. We paired it with her gold stockings and her Supergirl cape. My daughter is all about being a strong girl,...
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Spring Portraits for a School

May 26, 2017
While I was working full time for PetSmart, my daughter was enrolled in the on-site daycare. Going back to work can be hard enough for parents, but finding reliable childcare you and your child are comfortable with was stressful. I was fortunate to have a daycare downstairs from my desk, and for it to be a daycare of amazing quality and care. One...
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Mother's Day Special

May 17, 2017
This year I have been promoting Mini Sessions. For mother's day I had this wonderful mother-daughter duo meet me at the park for some beautiful afternoon-light portraits. Not only did they have their hair done together, they came complete with matching mother-daughter fashion! We had so much fun and ended up with quite the collection for a mini ses...
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Desert Dreaming Family Session

May 08, 2017
So, this family is definitely one of my muse families. I have had the privilege to document their growth as parents with their adorable daughter since their maternity session three years ago. To have families return each year means the world to me. It is an honor to work with this family. I have been wanting to take more desert sessions and they we...
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Woodland Senior Session

May 03, 2017
I first met this wonderful young woman when she was a wee 8-year-old selling Girl Scout Cookies and training her dogs. Her aunt contacted me about buying her a senior session as a gift for her graduation from high school. I was so thrilled to hear from her family, and taken aback at how much time has gone by. Really? 10 years! Wow. Our session was...
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Desert Riparian Senior Session

April 30, 2017
Graduating from high school is a huge step into moving toward your future self. Preschool through grade school through middle and high school... then what? College! And not just any college, Northern Arizona University, my alma mater. This lovely young woman and her mom joined me in the early afternoon for a beautiful sunlight-filled session in one...
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Mom and Me

April 17, 2017
These lovely ladies have been working with me since I began my new photo life after the birth of my daughter! I am always so excited when they hire me because their girls are so lovely, and to work with them over and over again is a treat to see them grow up. We did a small Mom & Me photo session in a local park. Here are some of my favorite photo...
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Animal Rescue Fundraising Photo Session

April 08, 2017
It wasn't until my session with the handsome Durango that I realized how much I really missed working with animals. Working with pets of all kinds used to be a regular subject for me, but going out on my own, it wasn't something I was contacted about very often. I was so pleased to team up with Arizona Animal Actors and Animal Docs to the Rescue fo...
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Animal Actors Behind the Scenes

April 08, 2017
Long ago and far away I sat in a cubicle editing photos to go on a corporate e-commerce page. Open, color correct, alpha channel, clipping path, flatten, save, upload. My phone rang and it was a number I didn't recognize. Usually I avoided calls like that because sometimes I would pick up and encounter a hopeful pet parent who has the most talented...
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